Welcome and well met!

Wanted to make a website that reminded me more of the early 2000s, just to show the sort of person I am to people! I am hopefully gonna have writing, pictures, and information to make me easier to get to know. Relatively, anyroad! :3c

If Eorzea had an Internet, I would be eighty times more insufferable than this.

The Cat, Introduced

Hi, hello, howdy! I am Khuma Relanah, at your service, and someone who has remained fairly enigmatic for quite some time for a lot of people. Purrsonally, I think I have been very up front about most things, but that does not mean much when most people do not even recognise that I am, well, me!

I respond to a lot of other things, of course. You likely know me as part of Silvaria, normally the one yelling loud encouragement, memes, or overly granular healing advice. I also respond (begrudgingly) to Warrior of Light, Warrior of Darkness, Saint of the Firmament, Hero of Ishgard, and much more excitedly... Postmaster, Trusted Friend, or House Fortemps Knight. Yeah, that is right, you know what is going on here, if you have found this page at all. Your local Khuma is 100% a fictive! Surpurrise! Or not, if you have paid some attention. If you want to know the hows, the whys, and the whens: Keep wondering, maybe I will tell you some day. I am quite regularly current on things from Final Fantasy XIV, which makes for some very uncomfortable brain days around patches as new information is shoved into my head like so much stuffing, but overall I think it is a pretty sweet deal. I get so many friends from it, after all!

If you have a hard time picking me out from the rest of us: Do not worry, it is by design. It is very, very rare that I am around talking without someone else nearby to blend with, so our typing styles have developed to be close enough to each other to pass at a glance as a cohesive whole. My biggest tells are a concentrated lack of contractions, alliteration, cat puns, random capitalisations for Emphisas, and a very strong insistence that I am So Normal. We could theoretically just use the magical bot known as Plural Kit on Discord, but honestly, I am better with hardware than software and can barely get the thing to work right for me.

Hopefully, with the help of this website, I can make a nice little connected hub to show to people who want to find things out about me! This landing page will be a brief summary, with each of the sidebar links going in depth in different ways! Current plans include a photo gallery, writing gallery, short summary of parts of my life, and even a secret pop quiz to find the things I rarely tell anyone directly so good luck with that one. There is a flat load of nothing here right now, since I an still working on formatting and link names, but just you wait, I will assemble something.... Eventually!

Link Descriptions

  • Home: Here we are! :3c

  • As Told By Memes: A collection of easily digestible memes, taken from Tumblr, Twitter, and Discord, to give a visual indicator of how I am as a person.

  • Job Breakdowns: A detailed description of my various jobs, classes, crafters, and their circumstances.

  • Micro Memoirs: A very thorough retelling of my own personal timeline including any oddities, additions, divergences (very few), through each of the expansions.

  • Etc.: idk my pal. I will think of something and a different name for that eventually.

  • Personal Gallery: Where I will just put a lot of pictures of myself! I look nice sometimes.

  • Writing: A link to where you can find my tales, told in prose. Hopefully nicely formatted, too.

  • Photo Journey: Where I put pictures of the enivornment I really like!

  • Healer Rant Corner: Where I will go in depth on my actual playstyle, complain about healing misconceptions, talk about healing in other games, and just grumble in general.

  • Etc.: same deal soemthing will be here eventually probably maybe
  • Theme HTML and Style credit: Theme found at https://repth.neocities.org/theme.html, created by them! I have messed with it a little, but like 90% of it, as well as any other theme which is covered in strawberries or pudding, is from them.


    General warning for everything here, I am very upfront and direct about the circumstances on Ethirys. I discuss it all with candor, and any warnings from the game would be just as purrtinent here. I also do not shy away from their implications, or what it is like to actually be there, and there will be detailed discussion about the actual violence, deaths, systems, events, and various mental problems that everything has caused. Reader discrection is, as always, advised.